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About HackCollab

What is it?

  • A hackathon team building platform
  • Used to connect competitors into teams
  • All done before the event even starts!

Why use it?

  • A more efficient and organized way to form teams
  • Allows teams to compete better
  • Gets rid of awkward team-building exercises

How do I use it?

  • Our main purpose is to sponsor hackathons
  • Hackathon organizers must contact us for us to sponsor their event
  • For more details, please contact us

HackCollab Features

Team Building

Our platform allows hackathon competitors to create accounts with their information and expertise on display for other competitors to see. If you have an idea or want to lead a team, you can create a team and recruit the teammates you want based on their strengths. If not, you can ask to join an already existing team.

Know the Competition

Everyone competing will list their areas of expertise and their past accomplishments. This gives everyone on the platform an idea of who is good at what, opening up the idea of recruiting them or connecting with them.

Compete Better

Instead of carrying on with awkward and unproductive team-building exercises for competitors not yet part of a team, HackCollab allows competitors to form their own teams. This ensures each member will have a role to play in a team that they're comfortable with.

Regulate activity

Hackathon organizers are given staff access to the website, allowing a top level view of all the activity happening between the competitors. They are given certain permissions to remove certain users and teams at will, and broadcast news updates for all the competitors.

HackCollab FAQs

What is the purpose of HackCollab?
The purpose of HackCollab to help hackathons and hackathon organizers through sponsorship. We want to use our software to help make hackathons more competitive and help competitors create lasting connections with each other through the spirit of team building and competition.
How can HackCollab benefit me?
HackCollab allows the use of our software through sponsorships. We will configure our website to accomodate your hackathon and send you the link for you to broadcast to all competitors of the hackathon. We recommend doing that at least a week before the hackathon takes place, giving the competitors enough time to form their teams.
How do I get a sponsorship from HackCollab?
To get sponsored, please contact us! We guarantee a response within 24 hours of your email being sent, and we will answer any questions you may have. Once a sponsorship is agreed upon, we will help you get started with our website and open the registration to the hackathon's competitors.

Contact Us

We guarantee a response within 24 hours!